The "Big" Idea

This is my homeroom... my TITLE group. :)

This was from my 2nd period I have
right after lunch. LOL!!
Today we started "revisiting" the important reading components (thats what I call them).  We started off with main idea. I have an awesome collection of books from Scholastic and them have mini-lessons, which I love.  The book I used today was Comprehension Mini-Lessons: Main Idea & Summarizing.  Love, love, love!  Here is the link for the book:  It is the GREEN book in the set.  Anyways, we talked about how main idea is the "Big Picture".  We came up with topic sentences and details in each class and them had to draw them out any make sure all parts were included in the picture.  We did one as a class for an example for their Reading Spiral and they did one independently with some extra questions for practice. I thought our class ones turned out pretty well.  Next week we will continue with main idea and begin an awesome unit on Inferencing that I found at TeachersPayTeachers. Hope the weekend doesn't fly by... :)

3rd Period - If you haven't read
 On My Honor it is AWESOME!!

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