POV Rotations

YAY.. the week is finally half way over!! Today was stressful.  All AR tests are due by the end of the day tomorrow and of course I have some kiddos that want to wait until the last minute to take care of business.  AHH!!!

We did a rotation for our Point of View activity today.  I am still using the activities from the packet by Nicole Shelby off of Teacher’s Notebook.  I had 6 different cards around the room with short passages on them and the students had to identify whether they were written in 1st or 3rd person and give 2 clues as to how they knew.  I was pleasantly surprised that my TITLE class did an awesome job and got EVERY ONE CORRECT!!!  They also had to take a paragraph that was written in 1st person and change it to 3rd person.  FUN!! Tomorrow will be a “worksheet”, so that I can make sure that they can understand and apply it independently.

Well, off to the gym to meet with my trainer… at least today is upper body.  MY legs are hurtin’!!

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