Its almost here...

Next Monday, the 13th, we have our DREADED Reading Benchmark.  I know each and every student is capable, but i still feel a knot in my stomach.  I wish i could make sure EVERY student has a good nights sleep and a smooth morning before testing, but i can't be at 70 different houses that morning.  Teaching is my life.  I love my job and the stakes and pressures being placed on teachers are being increased EVERY year.  I, as a self proclaimed fabulous teacher, think that if you care about each and every student and give them the tools they need to be successful... that they will.  All the extra pressures do is cause unnecessary stress.  I am at the school on a Saturday getting everything together for the next week and can feel my heart wanting to race thinking about the benchmark.  I know my students will be successful, but as a human I will have stress and doubt trying to creep in.  All I can say is "Think Positively"!

Here's to a good rest of the weekend and an awesome week of lifting up my students!

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