Poetry Part 1

So today we began our introduction to Poetry... I was nervous.  Why you ask?  Because my experience with poetry isn't all that much.  I sucked it up and did some research and found some ideas.  Here is day 1 of our mini Poetry study.

First, we made foldables to go into our reading spirals. I only had them do 4 terms but we talked about a lot more than that.
Then, we read two poems.. one silly and one serious.  We looked at the number of stanzas, lines per stanza, rhyme scheme, and imagery/figurative language.
 Silly Poem... LOVE Ken Nesbitt!!! (I totally mispelled his name on the student copy but we fixed it.)
My anchor chart on the board.  The students always have examples in their Reading Spiral....
 Serious Poem.... The students were very surprised how much of an impact a poem so short could have.
We also talked about the Theme to this poem... Never let go of your dreams!  Always believe in yourself!
Tomorrow the poetry drama mini study continues....
If you have any ideas, let me know!! 


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