Poetry Part 2

Gosh.. this week has been SUPER CRAZY BUSY!  We have been continuing poetry... I promised to continue talking about my poetry unit so here we go!

Tuesday - Students read the poem Kaleidoscope.  They were to label the stanzas, lines, and rhymes scheme.  Then they completed a STAAR-style worksheet that I made over it.  Finally, they chose one of the stanzas to write in the middle of a page and draw the imagery around it.  This poem was filled with some awesome imagery and the students did a FABULOUS job!

Wednesday - The students completed a packet that contained a story and a poem.  They had 10 questions to complete.  These were taken from the benchmarks on Study Island.  They continued working on their imagery stanzas.  (I know they seem to be doing lots of worksheets, which I HATE, but I want them familiar with the lingo and the way it will look on the STAAR test. - We take it on Wednesday March 28th.)

Thursday - We went to the computer lab to work on Study Island.  They completed the Poetry & Drama lesson for a grade.

TODAY....... drum roll please!!! We are presenting our Reader's Theaters that we have been reading through the last few weeks for another period.  Pictures and explanations to come... get excited!!! :)


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