End of Novel & Lit Circles

The Sign of the Beaver
We finished reading Sign of the Beaver last Tuesday, which was perfect timing because the students had their STAAR Science test on Thursday.  We got together as a pod Thursday afternoon to want the really boring fabulous movie.  I know, I know... why show a movie that is super boring not as fabulous as the book?  I really wanted to see how much more detail and depth a book can go into... majority of the students like the movie, but thought that the book was way better!!  After they finished watching the movie, they used this planning sheet to plan their compare and contrast essays over the novel and the movie.  I stressed to them that it did not have to be typed, but I did give them time on Friday in the computer lab to type their papers if they wanted to. 

Today I introduced our Literature Circles for Loser by Jerry Spinelli.  We made our Lit Circle packets and did a refresher about what each job is required to do.  We start those tomorrow, so more to come on that....

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