Another One Bites the Dust...

I have decided to link up with Amber over at Adventures of a 3rd Grade Teacher for an end of the year linky party... and quite a year it has been! :)

Let's look at the greats first!!
  1. Using literature circles during novels has been an amazing experience... I was a little worried because my group this year was quite immature, but they loved the independence and rose to the challenge!
  2. Using the Daily 5 with my Title group the 1st sememster... this is the second year I have done this and it has made an amazing difference with those kiddos.  They got the small group and boost of confidence they needed!
  3. Discovering the blogging community... I have learned and gotten so many new ideas from teachers and have been sharing the wealth with my math teacher.  What an awesome bank of information!
Need to work on...
  1. Organization... I am actively going through cabinets and draws ane weeding out anything I did not use in the last two years.  I figure if it hasn't been used then it is not needed.  So this is a work in progress....
  2. Interactive ELA Notebooks... I started them about halfway through the year and they were an amazing resource for the students.  I can't wait to create and look for ideas over the summer... (send ideas my way! :))
  3. Writing... I am very nervous to be teaching actual writing and not just grammar next year.  I have already bought several writing units from the fabulous Ms. Runde... if you have any ideas or thoughts about writing and interactive writing journals, please let me know!

I just noticed I am almost to 100 followers... woohoo! And this school year is almost over!! 10 days left!!


  1. YAY for almost 100 followers!
    I love your list... those are all things I want to work on too--especially writing.
    (Don't you just love Jen Runde's writing units?!)

    Here's hoping those last 10 days fly by...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Thank-you so much, Sandy! Interactive language notebooks are on my to-do list next year, too!

    Runde's Room


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