End of the year Reading Rotations ...

Yay... the end is near!!  This is our last full day of school in my school district, so I get to see each period of my Reading kiddos for an hour.  Last year I did reading rotations with them and my kiddos LOVED them.  We are doing them again today, so I wanted to share them with my bloggy friends.  If you stay until the end you will get a freebie!!

I had four rotations set up: poetry, acrostic poems, idioms, and compound words.  At the end of the post, I've added the link for the posters for each station.

Poetry:  The students get to pick from 7-10 poems that have been printed out.  They read the poem and then use watercolors to paint their visualization.  This one is a hit and one of my poems is "Oodles of Noodles".  

Acrostic Poems:  This rotation is pretty self explanatory, but... I put out acrostics that were printed out for myself, my two teammates, and fifth grade.  The students get to pick which one they would like to complete.  There are dictionaries and thesauruses for them to use.

Idioms:  The students have a list of idioms to choose from.  They draw the literal meaning on the front and put the idiom on the back.  We will use these tomorrow to play a game.

Compound Words:  The students have a list of compound words to choose from.  They draw the two words that make up the compound word and put the word on the back.  We will also use these for a game tomorrow.

If you have any ideas or feedback, let me know!!


  1. I love this! I just blogged about it over at 3-6 Free Resources: http://3-6freeresources.blogspot.com/2012/05/more-end-of-year-ideas.html

    Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to do them next week! :)


  2. Will you post the link to the poems that you used for the first rotation?

  3. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I like the variety of activities that you included in your rotations. I am excited to use these ideas and provide my students the opportunity to be creative at the end of the school year!


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