Lit Circles... the saga continues

We have been continuing Lit Circles for the past week.  The students are enjoying it, especially my Title class because they did not get to participate in the previous one.  I have decided that the students to get a little talkative and don't make a good use of their time, being that the end is closing in on us.  I decided to let them meet with the other people that have the same job as them for only 15 minutes of their "work" time and whatever they are not finished with must be completed on their own. 

Let me backtrack and give you the layout of how a typical Lit Circle class period runs...

1. Read the assigned chapters. (This could be done in several ways... me read aloud to the class, reading with a partner, or reading independently)
2.  Meet with the other students who have the same job as you for the day. (complete job for the day)
3.  Meet with your group.  ( There are 4 groups going at a time)
4.  Come back together as a class and share ideas, questions, and interesting discussions.

This is the first year that I have read this novel with my class and I am just loving all of the connections and life lessons we have discovered so far....

Thinking ahead to next year... does anyone have good examples of biographies, autobiographies, or informational texts?  These are my areas I am really lacking in.  Also, if you know of any good mysteries or "scary" books I would appreciate you sharing that knowledge my way... Thanks in advance!

Thank goodness its Thursday!!!


  1. My class reads "Blood on the River" towards the beginning of the year. It a historical fiction account of the events that occurred in Jamestown. That is part of our 5th grade skills, so it goes perfectly with my curriculum. They all love the book because it is pretty graphic and detailed.

  2. Thanks for following :) It takes time to grow, you'll be there soon.


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