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As this school year is winding down, I am starting to see linky parties and posts about next year.  I have a dilemma folks!!  I am trying to figure out a way to organize my "stuff" and when I say stuff I mean lesson plans and activities.  I have seen many lower grade level blogs about binders... as a middle school teacher I am wondering if a binder per six weeks would be a good idea.  And to go along with that should reading and writing be in one binder or separate?  Next year is the first year I am teaching language arts/WRITING and trying to coordinate it to "mesh" well withe Reading.  Super stressed already... Our school district does not have a scope and sequence since we are so small, so if your district/you have one for reading/Writing combined I would love to see it...

What a ramble for a Friday, but I am really wanting some feedback, so whatever you can throw my way... I appreciate it!!!


  1. I teach 6th grade in a Middle School and I'm slowly moving all my worksheets, lessons, activities, etc.. from file folders to binders. It's just easier to flip through, I've found. I have a binder that includes our major writing pieces with guides and examples. Then one binder for each of the 6 traits. Another binder for Literary Elements/Terms. I'm working on binders for each novel and for grammar. Our scope & sequence is so "fluid" that I don't think I could arrange it by marking period. If I find something concrete, I'll send it your way. (I'm in New York, so we're still aligning to the Common Core.)

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  3. I teach 4th grade and have just moved away from binders after 4 years of them being lugged around to meetings.... They take up soo much space. Check out my blog for the new way I am organizing!

    Good luck!



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