Pinot's Palette - Birthday Celebration!!

So.. Today I celebrated my 29th Birthday with some of my friends at Pinot's Palette.  If you have never heard of it basically you drink wine while they instruct and model how to make a painting.  It was an awesome experience!! Everyone agreed that it was an awesome idea for a birthday get together... I mean who doesn't love friends, wine, and painting??  Here are a few pictures of our awesome day...

It was a blast.  Afterwards we ate at Barry's Pizza, which is absolutely yummy!! My brother even dressed up to join myself and my sister.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!! 

I'll be back for Monday Made It tomorrow...


  1. Happy Birthday! That sounds heavenly! I did a wine festival for my bday just last weekend. I think we might be cut from the same cloth! :)


  2. I love those sorts of activities. We have a place called Canvas and Cocktails in Denver that my teacher friends and I have had way too much fun at. :)

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