2012-2013 Classroom Reveal (pic heavy)

I am so excited to share my new classroom with you... I can't change up the desk arrangement too much from year to year (tiny small room), but I have done several things to try and make it look bigger.  Here we go!
This is the view walking into the classroom.  Elmo, projector, and Eno board front & center.
This is what you see to the right as you walk in.  I LOVE having a classroom library even though we go to the school library every week.  I also have the schedule, rules, and menu on the class info board.
This is to the left side of the door.  I have some more books (non-fiction and BIG chapter book like Harry Potter, City of Bones, and Hunger Games).  There is also the turn in box and library checkout.  The two computers are used for AR testing or Study Island.
This is right above the turn in tray.  Awesome poster to have in an upper level classroom!!
This is from the other back corner of the room.  You can see my desk area in the corner.  I am trying really hard to organize it, but sometimes its too much... lol!!

My front shelves that hold reading games, dictionaries, and small group books.  I bought the curtain this year and I think it covers up the clutter perfectly!
This is the front left corner of the board.  This holds my daily objectives for reading & writing and also my mystery lexicon board.  Below it is my small group table with my writing drawers and M-F containers for mystery lexicon.
This is the right corner of my front board.  I have my hall passes and no name board I made over here.  The far right side is where I write the daily homework.
Here is my desk area... I told ya it was a hot mess!  I will work on this throughout the year to try and organize it even more.  I just need to figure out what all I will use on the shelf.  If it has been used in the 1st 6 weeks then away it goes into the closet.
3/4 of my walls are blank chalk boards.  They are split up into sections and will be covered in anchor charts before too long.  I know my room looks a little blank, but I don't like to hang anything up until we have discussed it in class... so I like to say that my room is always a work in progress. 
I hope you enjoyed the tour!  I love seeing everyone's rooms!!  Let me know if you think there if anything I can do to make it more user friendly...


  1. I think your room looks great! I love the curtain idea!

  2. What do the letters R, E, and O mean on your homework board? Just curious. :)

  3. I have the same bungee chair! I love it. I will tell you, it is rather resilient, it survived an EF5 tornado that destroyed my classroom. I love seeing it in other classrooms :-)


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