Teacher Week - Must Haves Monday!

So I am joining in on the Blog Hopping fun...
There are several things that are must-haves for me to have a classroom that runs smoothly.

1.  Flip Charts and "Smelly" markers... did you know that the "Smelly" markers are shown to automatically brighten you day if used?  Ok , not really but they make me happy! :)
2.  My cute Target calendar... I am horrible at keeping days and meeting straight, so it's all in one.  Yay!!

3.  Either a Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper... I have really been on a Diet Dr. Pepper kick.  I know you are thinking choose one, but I just can't!  The caffeine get me through the day...

4. My Teacher Binder... I have all of my essentials in here.  Lesson plans, benchmark scores, etc... I always have it ready!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about a few things that are must haves for me.  I hope to post pictures of my revamped classroom soon and even share a few freebies if I have time. 


Hope everyone has had a Marvelous Monday!!


  1. The calendar is really cute! I haven't broken down and purchased smelly markers yet, I may have to! I love the smelly stickers, they remind me of trading stickers when I was in elementary school!


  2. I need to buy smelly markers too! Did you find them at Wal-Mart?


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