Homo-what?? Multi meaning words...

This week we had a fun day and reviewed homophones and homographs.  The students had so much fun with the activities that I gave them a little time the next day to add to the spiral.  We filled out a chart and made several foldables.  The students were also able to look through magazines and newspapers to find examples... we had a blast!  I got all of the ideas from Dinah Zike's Vocabulary foldables book, so all I can share is pictures and there are plenty! Here we go...

Thanks for making it through the picture overload!! 
Next week we will be discussing Using our Resources (dictionaries, thesauruses, & glossaries) and we will also be starting our novel study. 
Check back!


  1. Love it! I would like to make this into a Word Work station. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Teaching homophones and homographs is one of my favorite topics! They're tricky, but if you give the students a solid foundation, then they are much more successful in spelling, vocabulary, and writing activities further down the road.

    I love your foldable ideas - I'm definitely going to incorporate them when we cover homophones in my class.

    One of my favorite things to do with homophones is I give each student a pear-shaped piece of paper with a homophone on it. Then they have to find a classmate with their homophone pair on it - "a pair of pears" :) The partners work together to create a sentence correctly using both homophones and then we display these on a "pear tree" bulletin board :)


  3. That is a great lesson! I love it and will be using it the next time we teach it!

  4. How cute! I love it! Esspecially the foldable.. I can so see my fifth graders eating that up and even better remember it! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I was wondering if you were selling the homophone foldable??

    1. No. We just took copy paper and made it from students examples.


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