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Wow! I have completely been MIA.  The month of October has been crazy... football, county fairs, and fall festivities.  We have also been super busy in class.  A week or so ago we worked on making connections.  I fully believe that good readers think while they are reading and actively make connections to help with their comprehension process.  Most of my students were making connections already, but didn't know how it was helping them understand what they were reading better.  When we were done with the lesson, I could see all kinds of light bulbs lighting up above their heads and I LOVE when that happens.  This as a strategy that will continuously be used through the school year.  All of the documents that I used for this lesson will be in my Teacher's Notebook store for free download.  I will add the link as soon as they are uploaded!

Making Connections with the Bullseye of Connections - From Comprehension Connections By: Tanny McGregor

A Closer look... 
We also talked about schema and I read a short story for them to make a connection with in their spiral.  Also from  Comprehension Connections By: Tanny McGregor
If you have any "Making Connections" lessons or ideas, please share!
Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!! I will enjoy watching RGIII playing (I'm also a Baylor Alumni) and enjoy not having to stress over my Houston Texans!! :)


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  2. At a recent professional development workshop I went to, our presenter focused on the fact that when introducing a story to students, we need to begin with the applied level of comprehension. So say that story is about a kid who ruins an elderly man's garden, instead of beginning with literal questions, we can begin by asking students if there has ever been a time when they have felt guilty about something they did that they knew was wrong.

    I've tried this out in my class and it really works. So starting at the applied level of comprehension allows students to think about making those text-self, text-book, text-world connections before they even begin to read the book! Hope this helps :)

    Miss A


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