What's your Point of View?

These last few weeks we have been focusing and reviewing author's point of view.  In 5th grade, this is quite a concept to grasp especially 3rd person limited & omniscient.  I must say that everything I did with my students was borrowed or purchased except for one thing, which I will put up in my store as a freebie.

We started off the week taking notes in our Reading Spirals.  I purchased the Literary Elements Resource from the fabulous Jen Runde and used the chart to help with the note taking.  There are tons of other resources in this purchase that I will be using through out the year to review author's point of view.  Amazing resource... she is such a talented lady!

We also glued in our Author's POV chart. (freebie)  We have been reading several books and filling it in.  Sorry, I am missing a few entries in mine, but you get the gist. It is VERY hard to find books written in 2nd POV and I found one... Cow by: Malachy Doyle. 
We also watched the Brainpop video to go with POV.  It is located under writing, but it has very good examples and Tim and Moby are just a hoot!
Tomorrow we will be discussing homophones and homographs... I know you can't wait for that!
(If you have any extra info or resources for author's point of view, please share!)

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  1. Awesome ideas!! I love your ideas!! Thanks so much!! My kids LOVE Tim and Moby and crack up and their 5th grade-like humor! :)

    YoungTeacherLove 5th Blog


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