First week back! - (Picture Heavy)

I have really enjoyed my students this first week back.  Even though they are 5th graders, some of them broke my heart when we left for Christmas break.  All is well though and everyone survived! :)

This first week back we have been immersing ourselves in poetry.  The students have really taken to it and seem to be enjoying themselves. 

Of course we started off the week by completing a foldable in our reading spirals.  The students whizzed right through the cutting and gluing... they are such pros now!  I bought a poetry unit from Lightbulb Minds, which I believe is Amanda from Teaching Maddeness' webpage.  I used the examples and definitions they had to come up with my foldable. (I will upload the foldable to both of my stores along with my figurative language foldable.)

We have also been completing a poem a day in our spiral and labeling several things.

After they got a hang of that I gave groups of students a poem on an anchor chart.  They had to find and label the different parts of a poem.  They also had to come up with 2 questions.  One could be a "right" there question and the other had to be a "thinking" question.  They really surprised me with some of the thinking questions that they came up with.  I put their anchor charts up in the hallway and theywere super proud as was I!

We are finishing up another poetry activity that I can't wait to share with you especially my fellow Texas teachers that participate in the Texas Bluebonnet program...

Until then... Go Texans!!  We had a go Texans day today and I'll be sharing those pictures on Sunday!

If you have any other ideas for poetry, please send them my way!


  1. I really like what you are doing with the poetry! I also teach 5th grade. Will you be downloading the poetry info this weekend-the foldable info?
    Lisa Bebout

    1. I actually forgot my flash drive at school that has the file on it. I will upload it first thing Monday morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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