Can you "Currently" feel the love in the air?

Once again, another month has gone by (seriously?!?) and it's time to link up with Farley for the latest edition of Currently.

Listening - My students are taking their 2nd Reading Benchmark to prepare to the wonderful (sarcasm anyone?) state test.  It is completely silent except for the turning of pages and all of the sniffling.  I am stocked up on Kleenex so, we should be good. 
Loving - My brother and sister came over to watch the Super Bowl with me yesterday.  I was kind of stressing about it because a.) I started Weight Watchers about 3 weeks ago & have done amazing so far -7.5lbs  b.)  I wanted to prepare only yummy & healthy foods.  Here is where Pinterest came to the rescue... we had several things to choose from:  Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese "muffins", carrots w/ ranch dip, baked "fried" pickles, strawberries, and funfetti cupcakes.   Everything turned out super yummy.  It was nice to enjoy all of my favorite foods, but in a healthier way.  (I LOVE the blog "Emily Bites".  Several of her main courses have been made into "muffins" so that it's easier on portion control.  LOVE!!)

Thinking - Our state test is lots of higher level thinking so, I am going to bump up one of my favorite novels studies to earlier in the year.  If you have never read the book Walk Two Moons it is AMAZING.  I gave it to one of the paras to read last year and she was in tears by the end.  I am in the process of totally revamping everything I did with the book, so I hope to add it to my stores when it is complete!

Wanting - I think my want is pretty self explanatory.  I am a beach baby and I feel sun deprived.  My first year I taught was awesome.  I lived close to Port Aransas beach and we would change and head over after school to relax.  I miss that...

Needing - I know everything is electronic now, but this year I am taking all of my lesson plans and the resources needed each week to put in a binder.  Why? Well... I have my lesson plans from last year, but sometimes it is hard for me to find some of the resources listed.  This way they are all together.  I know it may seem old school, but I am a touch OCD and it makes me feel more organized.

Pet Peeves - 1. whining - People that whine and complain about things just drive me up a wall.  Don't whine or complain.... do something about it!  2.  Excuses - Our school is a "no excuse" school , but I have students who always seem to come up with excuses.  I tell them to not give me an excuse, but to state why something is not done/why they did something.  I am all about accountability.  3.  Laziness - As a teacher, I pride myself into doing my best to differentiate instruction, but laziness or lack of drive can get in the way for students.  As 5th graders, they don't think of the long haul and long term effects of things.  i try and remind they everyday about that.

Wow... what a rambling mess!  If you made it that far, hurray for you!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!


  1. Thanks for the tip on "Emily Bites"! Everything looks so yummy! I need to do Weight Watchers and this seems like an easy way to get started. I'm with you on the pet peeves, too!

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I'm with you on needing a beach day and a work day. I went to college in FL and miss it during the winter months. I love the blog and I'm one of your newest followers! :-)

    Elementary Teacher Files

  3. TOTALLY agree with the WANTING!! : )

  4. I totally agree with you on the beach day and a work day. I could use some sunshine and 80 degree weather asap! Sandy, I also want to thank you. I saw your new blog design, loved it, and now Megan is working on one for me! Can't wait.



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