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I know my last few posts have been talking about prepping for the upcoming state test, but its what is on my mind right now... bear with me!!
To motivate my kiddos the week after spring break I have been using STAAR student tickets.  I took and adapted what Lindsay over at My Life as a Third Grade Teacher used in her classroom last year as a motivational push before the test.  I created STAAR student tickets for kiddos to earn in 2 ways... by the grades they make on "test" review materials & participation in review sessions (which is EVERY day right now).  The students put their names on the tickets and I put them in a bag to draw whenever I feel like it, which usually seems to be everyday to every other day.  They can with passes which are a hot commodity at my school.  They get to choose from lunch with a friend (they get to sit outside with a buddy for lunch), untucked shirt, hat day, no belt, or a 50 cent snack at lunch.  Everything is free except for the snack pass, but I will totally put out 50 cents for motivation. 
I have uploaded the passes and chart that I put up in my room so students could see how to earn tickets.  Thy are both freebies at my TPT store.  Hope they will be as useful in your classroom as they are in mine... if you get a chance, please leave feedback!
What do you do to motivate your students before the "big" test in your classroom??

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  1. This sounds like fun. Anything to keep them motivated since summer is just around the corner!



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