Skittles Time!!

TOPIC - Skittles Game

Here is the code:

Red- Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Orange- Favorite Memory from College

Yellow- Favorite Sports Team

Green- Favorite Fast Food Place

Purple- Wild Card(Tell anything about yourself)
Red- Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone... I love me some cake flavored ice cream!!

Orange- Our Thursday nights of staying out late and dancing or hanging out at Ihop studying and drinking pots & pots of coffee.

Yellow- Any Houston teams.. Texans, Rockets, Astros, Dynamo and my Baylor Bears.
 Green- Whataburger... It's a Texans thing ya'll! FYI- spicy ketchup is amazing!!

Purple-  I act like I am a gardener.  I love flowers... watering, weeding, taking care of them, but I hate planting them.  Here is some handy work that my mother and myself did this weekend.
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  1. Found you through the linky party! Ooooh I love gardening too! I'm so excited for this warmer weather and seeing the flower stands pop up all over town! I love what you and your mom accomplished this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Live, and Teach

  2. I get really excited about the idea of having flowers in my flower beds..... however, they are a zoo! I have these two rose bushes that grow in them that I have tried to shape and prune back just a little--- I think I killed one of them. Then, the grass has infiltrated the beds and so each spring I go through with a shovel and tear out EVERYTHING in the bed except the ginormous rose bushes. Then I scoop about 3 inches of crappy dirt out of the beds and put in some potting soil..... I search and search for "idiot proof" flowers that can survive desert like conditions and the occasional watering (bc I just forget sometimes) and so my flower beds are perpetually a nightmare...... not to mention my green thumb is a lie.

    Don't tell my farmer grandad. He is an Iowa native and would be soooo sad.

    Teaching Texas Teens

  3. I love Coldstone. The closest one to me is an hour and a half away. Your picture and missing lunch makes me want to make the drive to get some. Birthday Cake is one of my favorite there.

    Your flowers look beautiful. I wish it was warm enough in Wisconsin to plant them in hopes they survive. The weather is starting to take a turn that I could attempt it. Did you do the landscaping yourself? Awesome if you did, it looks professionally done. I would love a yard so green and put-together.

  4. I used to live north of Houston and miss Whataburger! I enjoy following your blog so much that I have added you to my list of inspirational blogs. Feel free to stop by and check it out.

    easy peasy education


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