Currently.... May has arrived!!

Yay.. it's May.  I still have another 22 full days & 2 half days left. but who is counting??  We also have the Reading & Math STAAR retests in a short 7 or 8 days... I'd like to think about something else for a minute or two, so onto Currently for the month of May from my girl Farley.

*Listening- Modern Family is da bomb... I love me some Lily... she always puts me in a good mood!
*Loving-With all of the end of year stress, one of my partners & I have been walking outside during our conference period.  Sunshine always makes the afternoon go by quicker.  And I figure its either that or a Dr.Pepper & some chocolate...
*Thinking-I have been doing Weight Watchers since January & have been very successful, but have been a little stressed lately & I am a stress eater folks... no bueno!
*Wanting - I feel like I put pedi as a want or a need every month.  I went this past month & was very disappointed... hardly a massage at all.  BIG let down!!
*Needing-I plan to do my closets at school before the year is out & I will be able to come back to my room in August without that stress.  The closets at home can be worked on over the summer between working & vacation time.
*Summer Bucket List: 
-Frio River is one of my favorite vacations I go on EVERY year.  It has been a family tradition & I enjoy just sitting in the sunshine, feet in the cool river water, & reading a good book.  Oh the simple things in life...
-Beach- Enough said... lol.  I am fortunate enough to live within 45 minutes of the Texas coast, so that I can go to the beach frequently to soak up some sun & enjoy a nice beverage/book.
-Dirty 30 is happening this July.  I have already booked the beach house, so myself and some friends can enjoy my 30th in the sun.  (trying not to think about that number too much....)
-Chevron classroom - I really want to redo my classroom in chevron.  I have been trying to aim and make it more "grown-up".  I am kind of over the bright colors... I just bought this awesome pack from Megan & plan on designing my room around it.. Shout out to Megan.... she rocks!

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  1. Hey there! I found your blog through Farley's linky (and also on the comment you posted on my blog). I never know if I should just reply from my blog or spread the bloggy love and comment on your actual page. I wanted to check out your currently so here I am but I did notice your comment on my page - thanks so much!

    I swear this currently could've easily been mine. Modern Family? Greatest show ever. I too am in desperate need of a pedi. I keep telling myself if I get to the gym enough times I'll treat myself and go get one, but it seems I always skip the gym and just do my toes myself... sigh. This is the month though!

  2. I love Modern Family too! Craks. Me. Up!! Love the colors in that Chevon pack too!

    The Cozy Classroom

  3. My classroom closet is a MESS too. I only open it twice a day to put my purse away and get it at the end of the day. I think it's time for me to clean and purge so I can open the door without wanting to cry! Hope your closet is a little less of a mess than mine. :)

  4. Hi Sandy,

    It's oh so hard to clean classroom closets after the school year is done. It's a great idea. May try it. Hope you share when you're done.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  5. Hey! :) I absolutely LOVE the chevron... who doesn't? It's the best trend that I am sure will stay for a long time!! I hear you about eating better.. I can't seem to do it and lose weight. I will keep on trying though!
    Already a follower, but always great to connect with other upper grade teachers :)

  6. Awww! Thanks for the chevron love! I am a mega Modern Family fan too. Everybody on it is so hysterical!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?


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