Back 2 School Goals 2013-2014 Edition

I go back to school in a little over 2 weeks for staff development and was excited to stumble upon the linky party.  I love to make goals because it feels awesome to achieve them.  Head on over to I {heart} recess to join in on the fun.

Personal:  Over the summer, I have been rockin it and going to boot camp and some other classes at least 5 times a week.  I love working out & know that it will be a game changer during the year to get all of my stress out.  I have not been eating the best, but have been lucky enough not to gain weight because of all of the working out I am doing.  I hope once I get my routine back that I will eat healthier because not only do you lose weight, but you also feel soooo much better.
Organization:  Last year, I put my lesson plans with all of the hard copies in a binder.  I am hoping that will help out with my planning this year, but I need to keep adding and changing as my teaching style evolves.  I also bought a ton of task cards last year that need to be organized.  Luckily I went to Target and organizers from the dollar spot to help me out.  I plan on working on this in the next few weeks.  Hopefully pictures to come.
Lessons:  I have high standards for myself and am still working on not being too hard on myself.  I know just because it is on the lesson plans doesn't mean it needs to be done on that day and in that way, but I still struggle with this concept.  I get better every year and am hoping to be even more flexible this year.
Professional:  Gossip, Gossip, Gossip... that's about all I have to say about that!  LOL!!
Students:  I work very hard each year to try and make sure my students know they are awesome, but my homeroom class usually has the hardest time believing it even when I prove it to them.  ( They have been low performing in previous years, so all of their confidence is lost.)  If anyone has ideas on how to help with this, please let me know!
Motto:  I have to no stress myself out.  I let the little things drive me crazy.... I'm working on it!
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  1. I am needing to organize my task cards too! Did you buy the small accordion organizers? or the large ones? I can't wait to see pictures!

    I know what you mean about the gossip...just keep your head high, your mind focused on the students, and joy in your heart :)

    Great goals!

    Joy in the Journey

  2. Hello! I love this! I am teaching English to a similar age to yours in England. Will definitely be keeping up with yor blog this year for ideas!

    Tales from traveling teacher

  3. I love this! This would be so cute to hang up on my desk to remind me everyday of the goals I set for the year! It can be so hard to stay focused on what's important all year because we all get so crazy busy. Good luck with the start of your year!!

    Young Teacher Love Blog

  4. I'm your newest follower... I also teach 5th, our blogs look similar! Chevron rocks :) I have the same problem- I've been working out but not eating the healthiest... I have a month until I go back so I will have to work on it! Can't wait to follow all your posts :)

    Floating Through Fifth

  5. I totally agree that I am the number one reason for stress during the school year. I TOO am working on that too!


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