Wow... I haven't blogged since the end of July.  I could give a bunch of excuses, but I'll just give it to you straight. 

Here is why I haven't been blogging...
 1.Working out almost every night and don't get home until like 8:30 .
2. My best friend had a beautiful baby girl in June & I spend all of my free time with her .
3. I have been revamping and really focusing in school this year.

I ran across Teaching My Friends! blog and saw that she was going to be doing a photo a day challenge for the month of December.  I am going to try and see if I can keep up with it.  Head on over to check it out.  Here is a preview!

Also, I have decided to just back on the currently bandwagon with my girl Farley.

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Listening... I don't know anyone from the south that doesn't automatically turn their tv to football on Saturdays & Sundays.  My Houston Texans aren't doing so hot, but I still watch every single game.

Loving... I have my basket stocked and ready for the TPT Cyber Monday Sale Tomorrow.  I can't wait to get my hands on some the products!

Thinking... My trainer is out of town until Tuesday night, so I am trying to come up with workouts to do Mon & Tues night.  If anyone has any that they want to share please send them my way.

Wanting... A few more days added to my Thanksgiving break.  I just need like another day or so... who agrees??

Needing... The school librarian gave me a book to read for the Junior High to make sure it was appropriate... I am almost done.

Favorite Tradition... I love driving around and looking at Christmas lights.  What can I say... I'm a child at heart!

Hope everyone has an amazing Sunday night... I hope to be back tomorrow to participate in the photo a day challenge with Teaching My Friends!

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