I am excited that I finally get to link up on the Five for Friday linky with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  I see it every week and have been waiting to link up, so here we go...
1.  I started off my week by going strawberry picking with one of my good friends and her adorable kiddo.  Yummy!!
2. We continued to look over those tricky words that the students might see on the upcoming state test.  I used my new STAAR-ingo pack & the kiddos loved it.  They actually begged to keep playing.
3. The students did several different scavenger hunts.  They loved them all because they got to get up & move around.  My last class & I had some fun/got a little silly, but sometimes that is just how it goes.
4.  My group hosted the monthly birthday lunch for the staff yesterday.  We went with the rodeo theme since its March and the rodeo just finished.  It was a blast & everything looked fabulous.
5.  I am going to be having a sale in my stores along with a bunch of other sellers.  I know I have a lot of items on my wish list & can't wait to check out the sales.

I know my last few posts have been talking about prepping for the upcoming state test, but its what is on my mind right now... bear with me!!
To motivate my kiddos the week after spring break I have been using STAAR student tickets.  I took and adapted what Lindsay over at My Life as a Third Grade Teacher used in her classroom last year as a motivational push before the test.  I created STAAR student tickets for kiddos to earn in 2 ways... by the grades they make on "test" review materials & participation in review sessions (which is EVERY day right now).  The students put their names on the tickets and I put them in a bag to draw whenever I feel like it, which usually seems to be everyday to every other day.  They can with passes which are a hot commodity at my school.  They get to choose from lunch with a friend (they get to sit outside with a buddy for lunch), untucked shirt, hat day, no belt, or a 50 cent snack at lunch.  Everything is free except for the snack pass, but I will totally put out 50 cents for motivation. 
I have uploaded the passes and chart that I put up in my room so students could see how to earn tickets.  Thy are both freebies at my TPT store.  Hope they will be as useful in your classroom as they are in mine... if you get a chance, please leave feedback!
What do you do to motivate your students before the "big" test in your classroom??

I am so excited... I finished my test review pack that I was working on this week.  The students are so excited and have enjoyed every minute of it. 
 I wasn't sure how to review for the upcoming 5th grade STAAR reading test and didn't want to do anymore one boring worksheets to review.  I came up with the idea of making a bingo type review to use to go over all of the vocabulary words the students might be exposed to while taking the test and STAAR-ingo was born.  It was a tedious process, but it has made the review process so much more fun.  My students LOVE the bingo game, but were ecstatic to see the crossword puzzles I came up with.  I hope to post more pictures of us using the pack next week in class. 
I put the STAAR-ingo pack for sale in my tpt store tonight and will have it on sale for the weekend.  Let me know if you have any questions!
PS-I have some of my fabulous friends from other grade levels looking at the 5th grade packet to add and omit words to fit their grade levels, so be on the look out for 3rd-8th grade packs soon.

I have been frantically quickly trying to come up with some fun reviews for our upcoming 5th grade reading STAAR test.  One thing I have been working on is STAAR-ingo.  It is a bingo game with a ton of terms that I will be reviewing for the test.  I am looking for a couple of people to look over what I have come up with so far to see if I have missed out on any terms or added some that could be omitted.  I will send them the file today and am wanting feed back by tomorrow night.  There are less than 10 pages to look through....  I will give those peeps that help out a free copy of the final product, which should be completed by the end of this week.  I will also be posting it for sale in my stores.
If you would like to help me out, please leave a comment with an email address in it.  I am looking for at least 5 Texas teachers & possibly a couple of out of state teachers to preview it.  thanks in advance!!

I have decided to have a 15% off sale at my teachers pay teachers store. I have several things to celebrate.... Spring break & my 15 pound weight loss, which is now technically 18 pounds.

I have really been enjoying my spring break in Arizona with plenty of pool time and some spring training baseball thrown in.

I have also been working on several things to blog about and post in my store. I can always find lots of things on tpt but they don't quite work for me, so I have decided to come up with my own. Hope to get them posted in the next week or two.

Hope everyone is having fantastic Friday!!!

Wow... my posting has really slowed down.  You can tell that is has been crazy at school.  State tests are closing in along with grade being due and Public School week.  Hopefully after Spring Break I can get back on my posting.  Thanks to all of my bloggy flollowers who have been patiently waiting!
Onto currrently for the month of March... thanks to Farley for hosting this every month!!
Hope everyone has fabulous start to the month of March!!
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