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I know its supposed to be five for Friday, but I had way too much fun last night... so Saturday it is!!
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1.  This week my 5th graders took their Science STAAR test, which meant I got to sport my fabulous bling shirt.  Thank goodness that over, but now I have to do some reteaching/reviewing with my kiddos that have to retake the Reading. (Any ideas... send them my way!!)
2.  One way I am reteaching/reviewing is my using some fabulous task cards from Teaching with a Mountain View.  This week we used the literal vs inferential questions picture task cards.  We were deciding the difference between the 2 kinds of questions & the different things you must do in order to answer the different types.  The kiddos loved it.  This week we will be using the literal vs inferential cards that are paragraphs.  Check them out... FYI Teaching with a Mountain View is fabulous!!
3.  Picture this.... Friday afternoon, 3pm, only 40 minutes of school left, and the fire alarm goes off.  We all head outside and stand in our quiet lines.  5-10 minutes go by and we hear fire trucks and police sirens.  We see a firefighter in his getup walking down the halls checking the rooms (through a window of course).  Then we are told to reenter(everything was fine).  This took at least 25 minutes out of the day.  What a way to end a Friday...
4.  Go through the office to leave for the day (on Friday) and found this beauty waiting for me.  I am so excited to be able to read this novel with my students before the year is over.  I am not so excited about putting contact paper on all 30 books... If you know of any fabulous novel studies or ideas for City of Ember, please let me know!
5.  Friday night I went to meet my sister & a former coworker at Pinot's Palette to paint and drink some vino.  It was 40% off so I couldn't resist.  I am excited about how it turned out.  I was a rebel & didn't do my umbrellas the color the original painting had, but I think it turned out fabulous.  Can't wait to hang it in my bedroom!!
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend... I am off to cover novels with contact paper.  Don't forget to head on over and like me on Facebook!

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Also, we got our scores back for the 1st round of STAAR tests for my 5th graders.  We are going to be doing afterschool tutoring for the kiddos that didn't pass.  Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do or willing to share with me what you are doing?  I am tutoring the reading kiddos & have 4 days.  I will of course keep on keepin on during regular class time, but was trying to find something a little fun and interactive for afterschool. 
All ideas welcome... Thanks in advance!!

Once again it is Friday, so you know what time it is...
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 (Let me forewarn you.. some of this is personal & not school related because we had early release Thursday & no school Friday... so bear with me)
1. We continued our novel study over Sign of the Beaver and the students wrote in their journal from Matt's, the main character's, perspective.  We always do an example journal entry together as a class along with me posting the guidelines of an awesome journal entry.  The kiddos had a lot of fun with this activity as usual.

 2.  My hibiscus plant that I repotted this weekend was in full bloom on Wednesday... Love it!!

3.  The boy's restroom down the hall from my classroom was closed on Wednesday.  I noticed as I was dismissing a class that one of my smarties was just standing outside the restroom door staring at the sign.  I walked down the hall to monitor the kids and he saw me coming.  We walked towards me with the most confused look on his face and asked, "They want us to use the restroom in the hall?!?"  I said, "Sure, let me know how that goes for you..."  He though about it for a minute and I saw a light bulb go off over his head.  "Oh, we need to go to the other restroom in "A" hall," he realized.  That just made my Wednesday!

4. On Thursday afternoon we had early release.  I have had my eye on a new quilt set for my bedroom, so I used the opportunity to head on over with one of my teammates to go on the hunt for it.  We get to JcPennys and ask an associate where it could be found. (The website said it was in stock)  He had to go into a new section of the store that opens this weekend to get it for me... Shout out to my boy Cal!!  So excited.. I think it rocks!!

5.  Of course after all of the shopping, we had to have a margarita at Gringos!

Hope everyone else is have a fabulous Friday... I am off to clean out closets & drawers for a garage sale tomorrow!

PS - I am going to have my STAAR-ingo packets on sale in both of my stores for the weekend!!

TOPIC - Skittles Game

Here is the code:

Red- Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Orange- Favorite Memory from College

Yellow- Favorite Sports Team

Green- Favorite Fast Food Place

Purple- Wild Card(Tell anything about yourself)
Red- Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone... I love me some cake flavored ice cream!!

Orange- Our Thursday nights of staying out late and dancing or hanging out at Ihop studying and drinking pots & pots of coffee.

Yellow- Any Houston teams.. Texans, Rockets, Astros, Dynamo and my Baylor Bears.
 Green- Whataburger... It's a Texans thing ya'll! FYI- spicy ketchup is amazing!!

Purple-  I act like I am a gardener.  I love flowers... watering, weeding, taking care of them, but I hate planting them.  Here is some handy work that my mother and myself did this weekend.
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My classes are reading Sign of the Beaver right now.  This is a favorite by my kiddos every year.  I usually have them keep a journals from the perspective of Matt the main character.  My students have loved it... writing journal entries, doodling, & comparing themselves to him.  Last Wednesday night I was perusing Pinterest one of my addictions and found a fabulous pin.
Whoever pinned it first and added the caption that it could be used as POV in a novel study needs a big pat on the back.

I went into school the next day and completely changed what I wanted to do.  We read the chapters for that day like we originally would have, but what we finished I numbered off my students by 2s.  I then told them that all of the 1s were going to be in Matt's shoes & all of the 2s would be in Attean's shoes.  I then put them on opposite sides of the room and they discussed their "experiences" & "feelings" that occurred through the chapters read (as their character, of course).  We shared and discussed what the students had come up with.
Then, I handed out a sheet of computer paper to each students & a Styrofoam bowl to each groups.  I didn't tell them what they would be used for, but I had them watch me trace & draw my eye on the Elmo.  You could see light bulbs going off over several students heads...  When I was done drawing, I asked them if they could infer from what I had drawn what I was going to have them do.  Hands went up & smiles lit up around the room.  They were set off to drawn something that had happened in the chapter from their characters perspective. 
We had a blast!!  I think they came out amazing.  It was interesting to see two students in the same group drawing about the same moment in a chapter, but from the different character's perspective.  This is definitely something I will do again with my kiddos!
Next week I am going to be really rocking their minds and have them do a symbolism assignment over the novel.  I'll be writing about that next week, so be looking forward to it!
If you have any other ideas with how the eye drawing could be used, please comment & let me know!


I am so excited to be linking up with Doodle Bug Teaching for another five for Friday.  I love doing this every week or trying to because it reminds me to take more pictures at school
This week was definitely busy and trying, but I made it through in one piece.
1.  We started off the week by diving right into a new novel Sign of the Beaver.  My boys loved this novel last year when we read it & seem to be enjoying it this year too.  One thing I love to do while reading a novel is having the kiddos follow along while listening to it.  They love it because when they come to a word they don't know the narrator reads it and boom! they know it.
2.  We also did a point of view assignment.  I will be blogging more about this tomorrow!
 3.  The kiddos did several things to review for their noun test.  We did a task card scavenger hunt in the hallway.  I love trying to put the task cards next to things that camouflage them...
4.  They also did a noun hunt through some magazines.  The kiddos had to find 5 example of singular, plural, common, & proper nouns.   We had so such fun!
5.  I finally got around to reading the book everyone has been talking about.  Wonder is an AMAZING book.  It is also a Texas bluebonnet book for next year.  I already have ideas spinning around in my head as to how I can use this as a read aloud next year.
Hope your week has been as fabulous as mine!  I can't wait for my 3 1/2 day week next week... woohoo for living in a small country town!!

I am so excited that April is here... that means another Currently Linky from my girl Farley!!  Head on over to link up & don't forget the rule of three.
Listening - The "TEST" for my kiddos is Wednesday, so I will be doing lots of reviewing with a fun twist.  They have LOVED the STAAR-ingo activities.We also played STAARopoly, which I made/borrowed last year from Lindsay over at My Life as a Third Grade Teacher.  ( I looked & looked for the post, but couldn't find it again.)
Loving - I am so excited to have taken Friday off.  This will be the first day I have missed school this year & I think I truly deserve it.  Myself & several of my teacher friends are going to Port Aransas for the weekend for some beach, sunshine, & lots of fun!!
Thinking - I would really like to give handwritten notes to my students tomorrow afternoon before they leave school.  I want them to have something to read & think about the night before the "TEST" for my subject. 
Wanting - So... I went to the beach yesterday for Easter and got the most random sunburn.  I might or might not have put sunscreen across my whole chest.  There are hand marks... eek!!
Needing - I would really like to get a massage Friday morning before i head to the beach.  The stress of the "TEST" has been making me feel achy.  Can I request a hot masseuse??
 Advice - "Be true to yourself"  This works in all areas of life.  Sometimes I wonder if I should do a lesson with my kiddos, or blog something, or post something for sale in my store... I just ask myself is this me?  Never try to be someone else or something that you are not.  Life lesson...
Hope everyone is having an amazing Monday... Don't forget the rule of three!!
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