My heart has been breaking since the event in Oklahoma. I was wracking my brain trying to think of ways that I could help when I received an email from Teacher's Notebook. I donated an item & all proceeds will be sent to Oklahoma.

I have heard there is also somewhere to donate on TPT, but have been unable to locate it.  If anyone has information about that, please let me know!

I have a cart full of items from some of my favorite stores...
Here are just a few things you would see if you peeked in!

 You can link up your cart with Diane over at Fifth in the Middle!
 Fifth in the Middle
Don't forget about the sales going on!!
Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday!!

PS- I will give the first 5 people to comment with an item they have in their cart, any item they want from my store for FREE!!  Email me at with the item you would like from my store after commenting... Please try to leave feedback when you get a chance.
(Looks out for more freebies over the course of the week!!)
Thanks so much to those that did the pin it to win it!! The winners are...

I also added to my TPT store today... CHEVRON themed months for the classroom calendar.  I hope to add lots more with this theme since I am going to have a chevron theme in my classroom next year.  Check it out here and I will give a free set to the first 3 people to comment with their email address & two items I can make in this theme for my room.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! 
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

Yes, I am talking about you!! Teachers have one of the toughest jobs around.  In order to celebrate us hardworking teachers, I am going to be having a sale in both of my stores... so head on over!!

I am also proud of my newest product that I posted today in my stores.  My end of year literacy stations have been a hit with my kiddos for the last few years.  I will be giving away 3 copies of the stations to 3 lucky people.  All you have to do is pin the product on pinterest and copy & paste the URL as a comment.  (Please make sure to leave an email address!!)  I will close down the contest Saturday night at midnight & randomly pick 3 people to email the product to.  If you don't get picked, the product will be 20% off for the next week... what a steal!!    Have fun & pin away!!

Yay.. it's May.  I still have another 22 full days & 2 half days left. but who is counting??  We also have the Reading & Math STAAR retests in a short 7 or 8 days... I'd like to think about something else for a minute or two, so onto Currently for the month of May from my girl Farley.

*Listening- Modern Family is da bomb... I love me some Lily... she always puts me in a good mood!
*Loving-With all of the end of year stress, one of my partners & I have been walking outside during our conference period.  Sunshine always makes the afternoon go by quicker.  And I figure its either that or a Dr.Pepper & some chocolate...
*Thinking-I have been doing Weight Watchers since January & have been very successful, but have been a little stressed lately & I am a stress eater folks... no bueno!
*Wanting - I feel like I put pedi as a want or a need every month.  I went this past month & was very disappointed... hardly a massage at all.  BIG let down!!
*Needing-I plan to do my closets at school before the year is out & I will be able to come back to my room in August without that stress.  The closets at home can be worked on over the summer between working & vacation time.
*Summer Bucket List: 
-Frio River is one of my favorite vacations I go on EVERY year.  It has been a family tradition & I enjoy just sitting in the sunshine, feet in the cool river water, & reading a good book.  Oh the simple things in life...
-Beach- Enough said... lol.  I am fortunate enough to live within 45 minutes of the Texas coast, so that I can go to the beach frequently to soak up some sun & enjoy a nice beverage/book.
-Dirty 30 is happening this July.  I have already booked the beach house, so myself and some friends can enjoy my 30th in the sun.  (trying not to think about that number too much....)
-Chevron classroom - I really want to redo my classroom in chevron.  I have been trying to aim and make it more "grown-up".  I am kind of over the bright colors... I just bought this awesome pack from Megan & plan on designing my room around it.. Shout out to Megan.... she rocks!

Head on over & link up... don't forget the rule of 3!!

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