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I am super stoked that my first guest blogger is the one and only Tracee Orman.  I must say that I have been reading through her blog posts since I found out I will be in 8th grade next year... I cannot get enough!!  I'll let her take it away with one of my favorite posts about English.
Use #GrammarFail examples to emphasize the importance of #English class
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Whenever I come across an error in spelling, grammar, mechanics, or usage in public, I cringe. It's one thing to see it on students' papers, but when businesses and other professionals make these mistakes...well, shouldn't they know better? Showing your students these real-world mistakes (and having them correct them AND go out and find their own examples) strengthens our argument that English class IS important (because who hasn't heard the moans and groans from students about having to take English EVERY year?). I keep a Pinterest Grammar Errors board (but it covers all kinds of errors) and I also have a presentation on TpT that can be shown to your class any time (just skip the back-to-school introduction and go straight to the 70+ slides with examples). Here are some favorites I just came across from The Grammar Gendarme:
Hide yo' aunts...

{And what is up with that huge number one?}

I'm going to the firth floor, please. 

And this eCard would be the first image featured on FASEBUK.
>>  *separate  <<

How can one make so many errors in one post? 

This one just makes me laugh out loud. :) 

Because being killed to life wouldn't be as newsworthy.

You know those students who just ignore those red squiggley lines in their document and go ahead and hit "Print" anyway? Ya. This is their future. At Wal-Mart.

Mmmmm...doesn't crap sound delicious?

See loads more of this crap here:

#GrammarFail Examples to Hook Students
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#GrammarFail Pinterest Board by
My "Grammar Errors" Pinterest Board

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I told you she was awesome... I can't wait to see what Jameson from Lessons with Coffee has for you tomorrow!!

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