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If you haven't heard about the back to school sale that is happening this week, then you have been missing out!!  I will definitely be stocking up on some new products since I will be moving to the 8th grade this year.  If you know any must have products I need for my junior high class, let me know!
It is also Monday Made It {my 2nd so far this summer}.  I made several more items that match my class décor from last week and revamped an original TPT product.
Vocabulary is a big focus for me at school.  Last year I had a vocabulary word wall that my students and I used everyday.  They even glanced in where it had been while taking the state test. {By this I mean that it was completely cover and they could see it, but looking in the direction seemed to help them remember what was up there}  I am not sure if the current 8th grade ELA teacher already has the same thing, so I made my own.  It is made specifically for 8th grade Texas ELA teacher, but you are more than welcome to download and use what you can.  {This is a freebie at my store!}Let me know if there are any other words that need to be added.... {I have another version that matches my class décor & it is here.}
I also made binder covers in my theme.  I am super organized, but also things also have to match and be cute... Why? Because it makes me happy!!
{They are totally editable in PowerPoint.}
I revamped my best seller and an original TPT product.  I made it more pleasing to the eye & added several new things to it.  It went from being 8 pages to 41 pages!! {and its only $1.20 during the B2S sale!!}

 I am off to check out everyone else's Monday Made Its & add more to my cart for the big sale... Happy Monday!

Hey all... Happy Sunday!
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Head on over to Mrs. Mitchell's Blog where I am guest posting today... see you there!!

I cannot even believe that August is already here... school is right around the corner for me & I feel super unprepared.  To get into the school spirit, I am linking up with Farley for the August currently.

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