I'm linking up with two fabulous teachers for their Peek at my Week Linky Parties.  I'm a newbie at this kind of linky party, but am excited to share what I am doing in my 8th grade ELA classroom.
I know my lesson plans aren't beautiful like some of the other teachers, but this is organized and what works for me!
Main Idea Activity: Articles and Headlines
Monday: We are finishing up main idea.  I am using this fabulous product to do a hands on main idea sort in groups.  My 8th graders still love to work in groups on hands-on activities, which just thrills me!
Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks ~ Literary Elemen
Tuesday: We will be taking notes and reviewing figurative language.  This is something that is taught in earlier grades so I am hoping that we will be able to do a quick review using the figurative language stuff out of this product.  We will also be going to study island in the computer lab to complete the main idea and text features lessons.
Figurative Language Stories ~ Close Reading for Common Cor          
Wednesday: The students will be completing a figurative language sheet independently.  Its comes from Lovin' Lit's Figurative language stories. (My kiddos LOVED these last year.)  We will also begin taking notes over speeches. (this is a new concept in 8th grade)
Speech Unit - Reading, Analyzing, Researching, Presenting
Thursday & Friday: We will be analyzing different speeches. FYI-> I LOVE this product!!
Here's to a fabulous week!! :)

I am super excited to link up with my buddy Erin over at I'm Lovin Lit for her Thursday Throwdown linky.  It is my first time of I hope many more to join!!

Let's get on to my goodness...
I'm super excited that I decided to move from 5th to 8th grade ELA this year.  I am loving my time as an 8th grade teacher so far.  The even more awesome part is that a lot of the content in 8th grade is a review and just delving deeper into the content. 
Right now we are review and going over nonfiction... literary nonfiction, expository, you name it.  I decided to do an interactive quick review over text features.  Now I will admit the picture I am sharing are student drawn.  I wish I was as creative as some of them!!
Here is how we completed this activity:
1. We brainstormed all of the different types of text features they knew. (I made to discuss any they weren't 100% sure about.)
2. Showed they my example.
3.Set them loose to create examples in the graphic organizer.
4. We came back together to write the definition and the reason why the author would include it in the text.


How awesome were those?!?  I can't take credit for the idea either.  I found it on Pinterest and made the text for them to use.  (If it is yours, let me know!)
I can't wait to read the other link up... leave me some love and ideas for nonfiction if you care to share! :)

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