I am excited to link up this week with the girls over at Blog Hoppin' in a week of thanks.  I really needed this linky this week... it is making stop, slow down, and be thankful for things in my life.  With as crazy as life is everyday, this is a blessing in disguise.
  I moved to 8th grade this year and was completely overwhelmed.  I am lucky to have an amazing teammate that has helped me feel more comfortable as the year has gone on.  We have opposite personalities, but we are a perfect fit.  She is the calm to my crazy, which if you know me there is a lot of! 
The last couple of years in 5th grade I felt like I was on an island and just doing my own thing.  I would bounce ideas off the other ELA teachers, but they weren't very receptive to my ideas.  That was a hard thing.  If you have been through that, you know.  This year is the complete opposite because of my teammate. 
I am thankful for this lady right here..
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Hey there!  I am linking up for my very first time with Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop.  I have never linked up before, but I really like how this puts my" musts, mays, and happy to" into perspective for the week.  Head on over and link up too! 
  • Grades are due by 8AM tomorrow.  I of course have done what I need to do, but I always have those few kids who turn in late work at the last minute or are in ISS and I get their work at the last minute.  If I sit down to do it, it will probably only take me 20 minutes max.
  • Between grades, laundry, and cooking, I will be watching football today.  I will be triple tasking a lot of the time today, which any good teacher can do.  lol
  • My students and I did some awesome activities with the "Tell-Tale Heart" and I cannot wait to share them along with the fantastic products from some terrific TPT sellers.
  • Organization is something that I pride myself in.  My students know I like things a certain way and make sure to fix the room before they depart for the period.  They would be shocked to see how I have all of the activities done so far this year organized.  All of my lesson plans and materials are shoved on a shelf in my closet.  When I taught 5th grade, I took my lesson plans and all the materials for each week and put them in a binder.  My lesson plans are tweaked each year, but this way I had all of the materials in one place so I wouldn't be searching everywhere for them.  Hopefully I will start on organizing it this week and finish over Thanksgiving break next week.
Well... enough rambling from me.  Hope you have a fantastic and productive Sunday!

Hello all!! (If there is anyone that still follows my blog...) It has been a whirl wind of a first 12 weeks of school.  I am loving every minute of 8th grade, but am still trying to adjust my brain from 5th grade to 8th.  It is amazing to have to opportunity to be able to teach some of the same kiddos that I did in 5th grade. It is truly a blessing to make sure that they are ready for high school next year... I can't even begin to think of that yet. 
 I don't have too much to share tonight, but have many blog posts in the works about some productive things we have done this year.  I am also in the process of updating my STAAR-ingo product in my TPT store and adding a new product that is perfect for citing evidence while reading fiction.  I hope to get several posts out and the updates/additions to TPT completed in the next few weeks. 
Before I leave, let me spread the word about the Secret Santa Teacher Meet-up in Houston December 6th.  Make sure to head over to the Google form below by Friday (11/21) to sign up.

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