Only a week into the month of February, so its not too late to join Farley's currently.  I hope its not too late!!

Listening: How have I never watched Scandal before?  I am currently on my 17th episode in 2 days.  Crazy!!

Loving: Myself.  If you are someone who knows me personally, I don't say that ever.  I am very critical and hard on myself.  I want perfection and everything to go correctly.  I overanalyze everything I do.  This year I feel different.  8th grade has worked wonders for me and my teaching self esteem.  I think I have finally found the grade that I was meant to be in and it has done amazing this for my teaching.

Thinking:  I can't believe I have committed to going to Vegas this summer.  It is a huge splurge for me to spend that kind of money, but I am ecstatic.  The three awesome ladies I will be rooming with have made me ease my anxieties about it.  I know I am going to have a fantastic time with them and with the opportunity to meet others & learn new things.  EXCITED!!!

Wanting: I am trying to finish a TPT update for a deadline I have set for Monday (tomorrow).  No time to go grocery shopping or cooking today, so it would be awesome to have a personal chef around.

Needing: I was given a gift certificate for a massage last year from one of my hard working kiddos.  I have yet to use it, but I can foresee me taking off a Friday in the near future to have a day of relaxation.  Only 4 more weeks until spring break!

Pageant Title:  Some people might say I am a wee bit sarcastic and I love to talk to everyone, so the title seems like perfection.. :)

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