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I am excited to join my buddy Farley for this month's currently.  I have been meaning to link up the past few months, but the next thing I know the month is over!  Let's jump right in...
  • Listening - I must say that I am a little disappointed with this season.  I didn't sit and binge watch it all in one night. (no judgment, but that is how I watched the last 2 seasons)
  • Loving - I bought a season pass to the water park that is like 45 minutes away from my house and I am loving it.  I have gone twice this summer and would probably go like everyday if it were closer. 

  • Thinking- Vegas is a WEEK away.  I can't wrap my mind around the fact that I am actually going this year and am not just going to be lurking on Instagram.  I want to make sure I pack everything I need, which will mean that I will over-pack.  {Deep Breath} I will get it done by Sunday, so that Monday and Tuesday can be full of sun, relaxing, and pedis. :)
  •  Wanting - I am about an hour from the coast.  (not the pretty blue water coast, but the Gulf of Mexico)  I LOVE the beach and haven't gone once since school has been out.  The beach is where I do my best reading, so I have to make sure and take a few trips this summer.
  •  Needing - Back around Memorial Day, the Houston are got massive amounts of rain, the addition to my house got flooded.  It has been sanitized and gutted, but needs to be put back together. Ya know, all the fun stuff... dry wall, painting, baseboards, new floors, etc.  I have been working this week on getting estimates.  I want it completed before going back to school. My living room and extra room have been invaded with extra furniture and it is trying this type A person nuts!
  •  All-Star: I am definitely an all star at sticking my foot in my mouth.  Words come out quicker than they are processed in my noggin.  Luckily, that is something I have been working on.  Here's to hoping it works in Vegas! :)
Enough rambling... head over and link up!


  1. I have never seen one episode of OITNB!! Apparently I am missing out because I have soooo many friends and family members who talk about it!! I am super excited/nervous about Vegas, but so excited for the opportunity!! Hope you have a great rest of the week!
    ~Heather :)
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  2. Oh, my gosh! I'm afraid to start watching OITNB, but soooo want to! My husband and I did a binge watch of Breaking Bad last Christmas break . . . wasn't pretty . . . sooo not pretty! :)
    Have a great time in Vegas!
    The Techie Playground 

  3. At least if you're going to stick your foot in your mouth, get the pedicure done first! SO excited to see you in Vegas. I say we make a sign for Megan!!!

  4. We have the same disease - Foot-in-Mouth! ;) I tend to have that problem, too!

    Enjoy Vegas. I so wish I could have attended this year, but a little tiny baby was calling my name. :)

    Primary Polka Dots

  5. I can't go to Vegas without over-packing. It's one of those places where you never know what you are going to feel like wearing/doing. Maybe a wetsuit and tons of hats like Not JANE. :)
    See you there!

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  6. I love OITNB! How do you like it so far?

  7. I am finishing it up.. I have to admit that this is my least favorite season. :(


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