Unshakeable: Be Truly Present

Today I will sharing with you several big ideas that resonated with me while reading this section of Unshakeable.  I must say that this chapter is one that will definitely be something that I look back over this school year.  It is something that I find myself forgetting to do and I believe it is extremely important in any classroom or even life in general.
When I read through the section, I kept having glimpses back to last year and thinking - WOW, I missed that.  I know that I am a good teacher, but this section was life changing for me.
Let me give you an example:
Last year was my first time teaching 8th grade.  I was totally out of my element.  The students and curriculum were new and scary to me.  (8th graders are a different breed-just fyi.) At the beginning of the year I felt like I needed to prove myself.  The principal had asked me to moved up to her campus because she had heard great thing about me.  This put a lot of weight on my shoulders because I pride myself in the job that I do.  Was I focused on my students or was I focused on how well I was completing my job each day? To be honest, I was focusing on how well I was doing my job.  Thankfully I snapped out of that pretty quickly, like within a month, I started to get back to my usual self.  
Now you ask... why all of this rambling?
 Get to the point, Sandy! 
I wasn't focusing my attention where it was needed.  I worried about too many things and had too much on my plate.  As teachers, if we are in the present with our students, we will be much more patient and will be much more productive.
It also made me realize how high my standards are set for the students in my classroom.  Am I saying that I need to lower my standards? Heck no! I do need to make sure that I am a cheerleader for my students no matter how small the accomplishment.  As teachers, we usually focus on the bigger picture or the light-bulb moment for our students.  I challenge you to really take the time to look deeper and find more things your students accomplish.  All students love praise no matter how small - this will help push them to achieve more.
Lastly, always be willing to deviate from your lesson plans.  Yes, I know I have a state test my students are expected to pass, but I would be happy to have a conversation that facilitates their love of reading too.  Some of the most memorable things that students learn are those that are authentic.  You CAN'T find them on the lesson plans.  They happen through purposeful conversation.  Am I saying to get off topic? Nope, you are the teacher and you know when it has gone too far left.  Just know that you don't always have to follow the lesson plan.  :)
What are something you do in your classroom or help you be more truly present and look for those light-bulb moment?  Truly challenge yourself to try these things next year in your class.  I'd love for you to come back and share what you discover.
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