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Hey all!  I know you have been joining my friends (Cassie, Jessica, Chrissy, & Brittany) with their insight in the  Unshakeable  book study, but just in case you haven't --click on their name to get yourself up to speed. 
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I must say that I am excited that I get to talk about this chapter.  I know negativity can be a problem at most workplaces and schools, so I hope you feel inspired after reading this. :)  
Who has sat in their lunchroom or been in their work room at school and heard other teachers gossiping?  It could have been about another teacher, a student, a parent, or even an administrator.
Who has coworkers or has even found themselves complaining about things at school?
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We all know someone or have been guilty  ourselves at some point of these things.  At least I know I have been.  The crazy thing is that when we do these things or let others suck us into their negativity, we have made the conscience choice not to be positive.
That's where this chapter will come in handy for the next school year or even life in general.  It was all about creating and spreading positivity.  Most of it was common sense, but was definitely a good reminder to have.  I had 2 big takeaways that I will share with you.
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 1.  Always be positive or find the positive in a situation. - I know this sounds easy, but for me it always seems to be a hard thing to do.  I am type A and always critical of myself & others.  I am going to work on this by - recognizing the negative (in my head) and adding the positive out loud.  So no matter how bad the situation, I can get the negative out in my head & share the positive with others around me to help them
feel at ease.
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2.  Redirect from the negative. - Let others share their concerns quickly and then move to something else.  Such as changing the subject or letting them know that you can pick up the conversation later.  This would work brilliantly in a meeting setting.  Tell them you can revisit the topic at the end of the meeting (knowing you won't have time). Or excuse yourself to copy papers or answers emails.  So basically if you can't redirect, remove yourself.
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 You are in charge of your happiness.  No matter how much negativity is around you, you ultimately choose your mood.

Comment with one thing you can do next year to spread positivity at your campus.
Come back tomorrow to hear about the next chapter - Take Charge of Your own Professional Development.


  1. I love the " jam" quote. I say " Good morning "to everyone I see each day. I try to use my happiest voice. Try kit. It works wonders for yourself and others.

  2. I really appreciate this post! My team includes one person who is always rather negative and it's frustrating. And while I understand the need to criticize (otherwise things will never change) - there's a difference between pointing out problems in order to solve them and simply falling into the habit of whining.

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  3. This chapter is going to be a life-saver. I have a few too many negative colleagues. I'm definitely going to share more positive things in the lunch room instead of complaining!

  4. Next year I want to make sure that I tell other teachers positive things I see them doing. I want to thank them personally. I know that I would LOVE it if someone did that for me- just an out of the blue email. :)
    I loved your post today!
    Happy Teaching,
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