Unshakeable - Take Charge of Your PD

If you missed my post about the previous chapter, which was over creating a positive school culture, you can check it out here.
I have to admit that I cringed when I saw that I had to share my reaction to this chapter.  I mean who enjoys professional development... I DREAD most PDs that my school district requires me to go to.  I can either be found doing 2 things if  it is not engaging or interesting...
Doodling in a notebook
or completely zoned out
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Fortunately this chapter was filled with lots of ways that you can take PDs into your own hands.  They may not be "official" hours, but as teachers we are always looking for ways to grow and learn.  I am going to leave you with my personal favorites that every teacher can incorporate and they are absolutely free! 
(You know we teachers love a great deal)
  1. Teacher friend get-togethers - I have been able to network through social media to find some great teachers in the Houston area.  They are an amazing resource.  Often, we are struggling with something.  Maybe a lesson just didn't work or you have policies at your school you disagree with.  Teacher friends some your area are great people to talk about these things with.  They may have insight with something that has worked for them or maybe their district does something a certain way that works.  They are an outlet to question and explores with.  ( I have to add that you do not want to just have those negative conversations, that could hurt your group. Also, make sure you have like minded teachers.  You want other teachers who are driven and want to grow.)
  2. Ed-Camps - I haven't gotten to attend one yet, but my good friend Dailene who blogs over at Not JANE sent me a blurb to share with you. "EdCamps are innovative and unstructured meetups, where professional development is chosen and led by the attendees.  Teachers come together to share what is working in their classrooms related to STEM and EdTech.  Organizers group interests and questions attendees have to create the session topics for the day.  Each session is self-led and gives everyone time to share and ask questions.  It is an exciting way to experience professional development. I really appreciated the enthusiasm all attendees showed. There was no judgement, only sharing and collaboration. I met teachers from all over the greater Houston area who are great additions to my personal learning network. I'd highly recommend attending one of the free #edcamps in your area. I'm even road-tripping to @edcampdallas this fall it was such a great experience. "   I have actually signed up to go to @edcampdallas and can't wait to experience this awesomeness for the first time.
  3. Social Media- I have grown so much as an educator by following some pretty inspiring women.  Whether it be through blogs, instagram, facebook, or twitter -- you can find others who are like minded and have the same values as a teacher.  Instagram is the easiest for me to use on a daily basis.  I can scroll through and if I find a post that catches my eye, I can go to their blog post to learn more about it.  One of my favorite people to follow on instagram is Stacey over at Literacy for Big Kids.  Even though I am a secondary teacher, every. single. one. of her posts speak to me.  She is truly passionate about reading and shares that passion freely with her readers.  You should really check her out if you teach literacy or better yet, if you just want to feel inspired.
Those are just a few ways to take your own professional development into your own hands and really make it what you want it to be.  PD doesn't sound so bad now, does it? 
Do you have any other ideas for your own professional development? Leave them in the comments for myself and others to explore.
Tomorrow, Brittany over at
will cover the next chapter titled
 "Let your Vision Define your Value and Measure of Success."


  1. Great tips Sandy! Edcamps sound like something I would be interested in. I will have to look into it more! Thanks for sharing 😊

  2. I so hope that PD begins to change in the next few years. It has become such a checklist of cramming new info down our throats because we aren't given appropriate time during the regular school year. I love learning new things at workshops, but it has to be in a motivating way! Thanks for sharing EdCamp! I will be happy to see you there!

  3. I am really interested in Ed camps after reading about them. I had never heard of them before.
    They sound so much more fun, then typical PD.


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