So, I totally have mixed feelings about this months currently... I LOVE my girl Farley, but it is also August, which mean school is right around the corner.  I have had an amazing summer, so I really can't complain too much.  Any-who... lets get to Currently!
Listening:  I am way too happy that I am back at my house and enjoying some peace and quiet.  I have had people working in the back of my house all week.  I appreciate them being here, but sometimes you just need a little peace & quite, right?

Loving:  I have also spent the last 2 days getting to hang out with some of my favorite #htxteachers.  They made my weekend.  Between going to an Astros game to bowling, we had a blast.  Every time we get together I know I will leave with a smile on my face and a full heart.  If there are hangouts or meet-ups in your area, DO IT!
Thinking/Wanting:  Around Memorial Day, the addition to my house got flooded in the big storms we had in the Houston area.  My house has been in disarray since. I am so glad that they finished yesterday.  Now all I have left to do is clean and move the furniture back.  It will definitely be getting done soon.  I am ready to have my living room back. :)

Needing:  I have started prepping for back to school.  From making and printing word walls to typing out my scope and sequence for the year.  I feel as if the summer has gotten away from me.  I'll get it all done... I hope!
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B2S RAK:  I know that the first few days and even weeks back to school are tough.  Information overload really gets to me.  I plan on emailing or giving my fellow teachers positive notes.  A little goes a long way... as long as its genuine! :)
Enough of my rambling... Head over and check out Currently!

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