I am so excited to joining in with Kasey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday link party.  Make sure to head on over and join in!

Lets get this party started!!

I feel like I should have a glad of wine in hand, but alas I have a big ole glass of water!  I am participating in a Bigger Loser contest at school.  When we weighed in on Monday I was in 2nd place by .2%.  So close, but not good enough.  I have been watching what I eat and just making sure that I do it the healthy way.  I also worked out twice this week... slow and steady.  If you have any amazing chicken crockpot recipes, let me know!

Monday and Tuesday this week we worked on Poetry.  It is definitely not my favorite thing to teach.  I try to be enthusiastic about it every year, but I jut can't.  I have to admit that I actually enjoyed analyzing several poems with both my classes and tutoring groups.  They seemed to enjoy it also.  

We also worked on concrete or shape poems.  I was trying to find something to do with poetry that would be easy yet fun and they fit the bill.  I was amazed by some of the products I got from my students.  I have attached some of my favorites below.

Next week we will begin expository texts.  I looked all over TPT and found nothing that had everything I needed, so I decided to make a product that contained everything I needed.  I have added it to my store for just $1 right now.  It contains 3 pages of notes, which are vocabulary with their definitions and examples.  I plan on adding the checklist I use when analyzing expository, plus word wall cards, original expository texts, question stems, task cards, and a quiz.  I will be raising the price with each item I add to the product, so get it right now while its dirt cheap.

Friday night has been amazing.  I met up with my mom to use our gift certificates to get pedicures.  After we went to have dinner at one of my favorite places in my hometown where I ate the most delicious grilled chicken salad.  Girl time and yummy food equals a success for me!

Hope everyone has had a fantastic week... because I know I have!  

Hey all... Happy New Year!  I know I am late to say that, but things have been crazy this last week.  I am excited to be joining Gina for
Not only am I participating in a biggest loser contest at school, but I also thought I start linking up each Saturday to keep myself accountable.  Here goes...
I have a lot of weight to eventually lose, but am keeping my eye on small goals right now.  I know you are thinking losing 9.4 pounds in a week is extreme.  It is!  I am currently doing the Advocare 24 day challenge and always seem to drop 20-30 pounds doing it.  This usually kick starts me pretty well and causes me to work even harder.  Hope it sticks this time.  :)  I am so proud to have stayed on track (even though I was definitely needing a glass of wine last night).
My water intake this last week went pretty well, but I would like to spread it out more evenly over the day.  I am also looking for ways to change it up (besides adding lemon, lime, mio, or crystal light).  If you have any ideas, please share!
I joined a gym back in January.  I am ashamed to say that I have only gone once.  They have started up classes, so I am hoping those will motivate me to go.  Keeping my fingers crossed!
My one word... CHANGE.  I am hoping to change the way I eat and think about food.  Food should be used as fuel and not a comfort.  This is what has caused me to become as big as I am.  I want  permanent fix, not a quick one.
Here's to a new beginning!!

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