Hey y'all!  Sandy here...  I am so excited to get to be a part of this Texas Blog Hop.  I hope you find many amazing new ladies to follow and enjoy some goodies along the way.
I am currently in my 10th year of teaching and in my first year in 8th grade.  I LOVE it and enjoy my students each and everyday!
 I currently live and teach in the small town of Needville. 
I love it here for so many reasons.
1.  I am only 30 minutes away from my hometown of Sweeny, which means I am close to my parents.
2.  It is the same size of school and town that I grew up in, so I feel comfortable.  We actually play my hometown in sports.
3.  I have been blessed for the last 5 years to have some amazing kids, parents, and coworkers to work with.  Everyone is so supportive and caring. 
One of my latest favorite activities were the persuasive advertisements projects my students completed.  I love taking a topic and having the students create something with it to take it to the critical thinking stages.
We went over 10 different kinds of rhetorical devices and logical fallacies.  Next, the students' job was to brainstorm a product or service they could advertise.  They had to use at least 5 of the persuasive techniques in their advertisement.  Some of my students amaze me to no end!
Here are some examples:

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Listening: How have I never watched Scandal before?  I am currently on my 17th episode in 2 days.  Crazy!!

Loving: Myself.  If you are someone who knows me personally, I don't say that ever.  I am very critical and hard on myself.  I want perfection and everything to go correctly.  I overanalyze everything I do.  This year I feel different.  8th grade has worked wonders for me and my teaching self esteem.  I think I have finally found the grade that I was meant to be in and it has done amazing this for my teaching.

Thinking:  I can't believe I have committed to going to Vegas this summer.  It is a huge splurge for me to spend that kind of money, but I am ecstatic.  The three awesome ladies I will be rooming with have made me ease my anxieties about it.  I know I am going to have a fantastic time with them and with the opportunity to meet others & learn new things.  EXCITED!!!

Wanting: I am trying to finish a TPT update for a deadline I have set for Monday (tomorrow).  No time to go grocery shopping or cooking today, so it would be awesome to have a personal chef around.

Needing: I was given a gift certificate for a massage last year from one of my hard working kiddos.  I have yet to use it, but I can foresee me taking off a Friday in the near future to have a day of relaxation.  Only 4 more weeks until spring break!

Pageant Title:  Some people might say I am a wee bit sarcastic and I love to talk to everyone, so the title seems like perfection.. :)

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